BSB i början av Karriären

Var du och chattade med BSB när det begav sig? Inte...stackare.
Men här finner du recensionerna från alla chattarna!!!

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1:    16/7-98 Howie
2:    28/7-98 AJ
3:    13/8-98 Nick
4:    18/8-98 Kevin

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16 Juli -98 Howie Dorough Live på Yahoo!

Yahoomc: Okay - SHOWTIME!!!!!! We're starting!!
Hi everyone - welcome to Yahoo!Chat. We're talking to Howie D of The Backstreet Boys!!! The Backstreet Boys launched their first major US tour a week ago and Yahoo!Chat is gonna be catching up with them all summer long live from their tour with FIVE cyberchats! Thanks Howie for joining us here today.

Howie D: Hi! Welcome everybody Look forward to having a good chat with everybody and< answering as many questions as we can in the time.. and hopefully have a lot of fun

Gmf_19 asks: Do you think there is such a thing as backstreet power?
Howie D: We're not trying to have power, we're just trying to.. there's not girl power or boy power here, we're just trying to have fun and live life positively.

Sarah_BSBFan asks: Is there any individual in the music industry, that you would love to work with?
Howie D: Hmmm... Jon Secada :D I like the Spanish/English thing and also BoysIIMen would be cool.. Babyface...

KayKay8410 asks: Is it true that you are interested in doing a movie?
Howie D: Well, there's been talk about it, but we haven't really decided on doing one yet, because our music career's really taking off now, and we're really concentrating on that... But maybe in the future

Vanessa_Brianna asks: Howie, can you tell us some of your most embarrasing moments on stage?
Howie D: Probably one time when I feel off the stage while trying to hype AJ with his rap during Get Down.

Magdalena84 asks: What's the most frightening thing that has happened to you on tour?
Howie D: Last night after I bowed after We've Got it Going On a pyro blew off right in front of me on stage.

Kaos2880 asks: What's you wildest fantasy??
Howie D: Going to a tropical island with my family or a date and spend a relaxing weekend there. All on the beach.

Ericadawn15 asks: What is the best thing a girl could do to win your heart?
Howie D: I guess just be real with me, show me that she cares for me as a person and not just as a BSB and also be very supportive of my career and my lifestyle.

Yahoomc: Howie D of the Backstreet Boys- thanks so much for joining us here today.
Howie D: Thanks for all of your support. I look forward to possibly seeing you on the tour in a town near you and in the meantime keep the Back Street Pride alive in 1998 and beyond.

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28 Juli -98 AJ McLean Live på Yahoo!!

YahooChat: A.J.: What's up to all our friends and fans in the chatroom right now with me!
Thanks for all of your support and we appreciate it, I mean it. Please ask me anything you want, and I do mean anything! And also sorry for being friends guys!

Sweet_girl_for_u99 asks: A.J. i love your tattoos. Do they have any meanings to them?
A.J.: Let's see. Currently I have five of them. They all have a meaning to me. I'm not quite done with them yet.
The one on my left forearm is a comedy mask which represents comedy and tragedy because I grew up doing theater which is my first love.
Right above that is the statement "Laugh Now". Right above that on my left shoulder is my name written in tribal. On my back left shoulder is a dragon, since I was born in the year of the dragon. On my right shoulder is my nickname written in a cross. We have a show coming up in LA on the 8th, and I want to get a panda bear on my right forearm. Reason being is because in my eyes it combines a non-racist image, black and white together, in a uniform symbol. That's all I have so far!

RokPower asks: What do you order at McDonalds?
A.J.: I order a double quarter pounder with cheese value meal. Number four usually. With a large coke, no ice, and a large fries.

Lokahi_CA asks: AJ- it has been said you are a great fan of musical theatre, which is your favorite?
A.J.: Phantom of the Opera. Has to be my favorite. And it's the only show on Broadway that I've never seen. I'd love to see it.

Taurus2nd asks: Do you guys surf the internet often?
A.J.: Nick does. I know Howie does. Some of our band members do. I just got my lap top. I haven't actually gotten connected yet.
I haven't logged on yet. I've done it at other people's houses and at my mom's place. It's so funny, cause when you do it, you spend an hour and a half proving it's you. And these girls ask really complicated questions.
And then some of these girls, won't give me their phone numbers and sometimes they do. And I'll sometimes sing onto their answering machines.

Jeynne asks: Why do you change your hair style so often?
A.J.: You know I don't know myself. I have to change constantly. I don't like staying the same. Just when people get used to me one way, I have to change to get the m interested in what I'm going to do next. Right now it's bright red.
Who know's what it'll be on the next tour. Probably orange or blue.

A.J.: Yes I will. I'll ask Nick, but Nicks not around me now, but I'll ask, me. And if Nick says no, then I'll say yes!

Ga_Bu_Powa asks: If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
A.J.: Longevity and success, that's one. To be able to take care of my family for the rest of my life. So they were comfortable and set. And to be happily married with a family and to be a wonderful father some day.

A.J.: Thank you to everyone that was in this room with me today. Hopefully I'll talk to you when I log on.
And I will do whatever it takes to prove that it's me whether it means to call you, write you, or maybe you'll believe right off the bat. Thanks you guys for being so supportive and being there for us, and hopefully being there for us in the future. Without you guys and girls there would be no BSB, so thank you very much!

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13 Augusti -98 Nick Carter Live på Yahoo!!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Nick is Here!!!!!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome Nick!

venyssa999 asks: Nick, you're great!!! I love you. Do you ever feel like you missed out because you never played high school sports, attended the prom, or went to graduation because you were tutored?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Nick: Of course I do. I think it was a definite sacrifice to make in order to do this...
But at the same time I wouldn't give this up for the world, but again as I've said there are things I wish I could've done.

MusicFreak132 asks: Who's Your Fave Spice Girl?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I don't have a favorite Spice Girl, simple as that :) They were cool enough for what they are, but I never really got into them all that much.

zakotra asks: what is your favorite animated cartoon show?!
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Just recently I went to the movie Quest for Camelot.

Dora04_98 asks: Hi Nick!! Have you ever gone skinny dipping? And if not will you ever?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Yeeeaaaah I have, but I was by myself.. my parents were gone and I was like "why not?"

Nicks_girl1817 asks: What is your biggest fear in life?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: My biggest fear in life would have to be... well I really can't stand sharks although I'm fascinated by them. Well not that I can't stand them, but my fear is being in the water and being attacked by them. But I'd really have to say flying, I hate flying...if there's an opportunity to take a bus or fly, I'd rather take a bus. I don't want to step on a plane where you don't have control...

Jupiter2425 asks: What is your most prized possesion?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I have a lot of prized possessions... my beanie baby collection.. I collect beanies like crazy.
I have a lot of them...about 102 or something like that.. but I'm trying to get the whole collection which is really hard..
so if anybody out there can help me ;-) Also, I collect comic books.. the only ones are Aliens and Predator. But my
most prized possession would be my family.

Girlie24 asks: Why did Kevin throw you out of the dressing room in your green undies?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Cause he was a meanie head! No, what happened was, I dont know.. sometimes.. like I said, they pick on me alot!

Angel_heaven20 asks: Describe a typical day.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: There is type A, type B, Type C. Type A would be a normal tour day -- you sleep from 11 at night, you just did a show, and then you sleep all the way until noon, 2 or 3. You wake up, pack and get on the bus and travel to the venue, then you do it all again. Then there's type B, a promotional tour which is hell on earth -- well it can be fun too...but you're traveling all different places and working all hours of the day doing photo shoots, television shoots... etc. Then there's type C: The day off. Which you just gotta love! :)

radiouno asks: Do you cook?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I can cook. I can cook seafood -- I love seafood. I also can cook Campbell's -- it's a great helper when it comes to cooking. Put it in the pot and it's done... You'd think I was a chef --Chef Boyardee!

Kixxster15 asks: Will you marry me??
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I dont know. You better think about that before you send that. :)

sm9731 asks: What is the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I got a go cart for Christmas.

Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Well, what can I say... Hmmm...I would personally love to answer each and every one of you guys'questions...but unfortunately, I have to go and take care of some business. :)

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18 Augusti -98 Kevin Richardson Live på Yahoo!!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome to Yahoo! Chat...BSB Kevin will be here in a couple of minutes... send in your questions now!
Kevin is the fourth BSB to join us at Yahoo! Chat. The BSB are in the middle of their summer tour.
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Kevin: Hi this is Kevin and I'm online coming to you live from Edmonton, Canada.
We're gettign ready to do our show for 22, 000 people tonight in an outdoor stadium, and I want to apologize to you guys for being late, but this is the first time we're at an outdoor gig...

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Kevin, would you ever go on a date with a fan?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: We'd probably go to dinner.

BsB_95409: Who's the best at golf?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: We're all pretty good at being bad right now :) WE're not too bad, we just have some bad slices and stuff just trying to keep it in the fairway and not lose too many balls. Lot of fun though.

SnoopDoggyDog_CM: Why did you throw Nick out of the dressing room in his green undies?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: As a joke. Cuz he was being obnoxious so I threw him out in the hallway in his underwear.

stephanieT85: I heard you modeled for Versace, is that true?

Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Yeah. The 5 of us were invited to fashion week in Milan by Donatella Versace, because when we were in Monte Carlo for the fashion awards, she hooked us up with outfits for the awards and we sent her a thank you for we went to Milan and at the first show we watched and then at dinner that night, some of her business associates asked me if I'd model in the next show. And I said sure...

CatPhat2death: What's the most memorable or sweetest thing a fan's ever done for you?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: There have been lots of incredible stuff... There was a fan that had a silver ring made for me and it was like 4 yrs ago when we first started touring in Europe and it had the musical notes to one of our songs around it like the staff, and the music went to "never break your heart." I've worn it and kept it ever since.
There have been letters and poems written about my father. They've made us cookies and brownies to make us fat on the tour bus. We do keep a pet mouse in a cage on the bus, and if he doesn't die after eating it, we'll eat it ;-)

pepsiblue1234: If you had a day to be invisible, what would you do?
Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: I'd go out in the audience and watch our show. I wish I could watch our show from the audience -- and have me on stage too -- that's something I'd like to do. I'd also like to go hang out at the Whitehouse for a day...just to see what really goes on.

Yahoo_BackstreetBoy: Thank you everybody for all your interesting questions and I'm sorry if I couldn't get to all of them, but maybe we can do it again sometime.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us Kevin....sorry we were late everyone.....hope you will chat with us again!
Chat is over...thanks for joining us everyone!

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